The Director General of IST Burkina Faso, after remarking the partners Universities for the blended mode program have continued to register increasing cases of COVID-19 among the students and staff, (the alarming case of Kyambogo University in Uganda where IST Burkina Faso students from Uganda are doing practices is clarifying the situations). As the situation is reaching alarming level and IST must take immediate steps to curtail the spread, IST is aware of the challenges faced by the students and staff but all students from different countries are to stop the blended mode and fully continue to study online.
IST Burkina Faso is stopping the programs ongoing and the applications to study via blended mode programs. All students from the worldwide registered at IST Burkina Faso are to pursue fully online and no longer via blended mode. The students are processing and directly depending on the headquarters coordination at Gounghin in Ouagadougou.

Done at Ouagadougou on 31st May 2021